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“Good and easy don’t often go together.” I heard this quote years ago and it has stayed with me as a compass of sorts. So often in our lives, we want the best possible outcome with the least amount of work, heartache, pain, or discomfort. But let’s be real, life doesn’t work that way.

As we’ve been going through the fast, I have kept this quote close at heart. Do I want what is easy in the moment or what is truly best? The physical act of denying ourselves isn’t comfortable and surely isn’t easy, but man, does it lead to some good stuff.

When we stop focusing on all the things we “can’t” – what we can’t have, what we can’t do, where we can’t go – and start pressing into God, it clears the cobwebs from our heart and mind and reawakens us to the things of God.

Remember, the act of fasting isn’t as much about denying ourselves as it is reminding ourselves that we need God more than anything else. As we enter the last stretch of our fast, I encourage you to give yourself an extra boost and really lean into God. Set the alarm a little earlier so you can start your day in the Scriptures, turn off the podcast and crank up some worship music, schedule in an afternoon break to pray. Whatever it looks like for you, make the effort to finish strong. Will it be easy? Probably not, but you better believe it will be worth it!

Heather Patton

Worship Moment