Missionaries, church planters, and founders of Unsión Television, Bill and Connie McDonald will join us on Sunday August 31st. Bill and Connie know what it is to live their lives on purpose and we are honored to have them share with us. It’s going to be a Sunday you won’t want to miss.

Bill and Connie McDonald
Bill and Connie McDonald have been missionaries to Ecuador for 25 years.  Since they arrived in 1989, they have pioneered the Pentecostal Evangelical church in the Andean region of Ecuador, headed the Latin American Childcare (LACC) program to plant schools with a Christ-centered focus throughout the nation, founded the Unsión Foundation and Unsión Television, and are now in the process of establishing a church planting movement to train believers in New-Testament model discipleship.

Unsión Television
Unsión Television is an international network based in Cuenca, Ecuador transmitting its signal via satellite, broadcasting from Canada to the southern tip of Argentina.  This technology provides the opportunity to reach 400 million Hispanics with the Gospel. Through the ministries of Unsión over one person per hour accepts Christ.