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Building a Bigger Table

We Are Getting Close!

By Building a Bigger Table

Cultivate, we are getting close to the end of construction! Here are some recently completed projects:

  • Sign installed
  • Sheet Rock on all walls
  • AC installed and running
  • Kids rooms are painted
  • Electrical completed
  • Plumbing completed

There are still a lot of projects to be completed in the new few weeks. Here are some that are in progress or about to start:

  • Sprinkler system installation (in progress)
  • Drop ceiling installation (in progress)
  • Auditorium platform (in progress)
  • Auditorium media booth (in progress)
  • Flooring (tile, stained concrete, carpet, rubber)
  • Paint rooms (in progress)
  • Third set of front doors (arriving mid July)
  • Bathroom fixtures (arriving July)
  • Sound/Lighting install (July)

The projects above and more will be happing in the coming days and week. The biggest challenges have been people not showing to do work they were hired for and a shortage of supplies when things are ordered. We are making great progress and are currently on track for our August grand opening.

Construction Update

By Building a Bigger Table

After a few months of construction delays, a lot has been accomplished in only a few weeks.

The exterior has been renovated with doors and glass installed. The entire building has been framed, sheet rock is being installed, and plumbing lines are being prepared.

All Team Tour

By Building a Bigger Table

Our All Team are leaders who are responsible for leading teams. Each third Monday night of the month we gather for dinner, community, leadership, and vision. Tonight we took our time together to walk through the building, pray, and celebrate what’s ahead.