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Day 3

By January 12, 2021February 17th, 2021Uncategorized

One thing you’ll hear around here a lot is the phrase ‘Life on Purpose.’ It’s a tag line, yes. But it’s also a heart cry. A “why.” A consideration behind everything we do as a church and hopefully, as people. “Discover what it means to live life on purpose” is ingrained into the DNA of Cultivate.

But for someone new to the phrase, or even in different seasons of life, that can seem like a 1st far off statement. “Tag line” describes it for you. But I challenge you to take it to another level in your life. The 21 day fast is one of my favorite times because I know that as a family, we’re all leaning into the presence of God and trying to chase what he has for our lives.

When we think about purpose it can sound so big. It can sound like the mission field or being a pastor, or giving away all of your things. But your purpose won’t be a surprise to you! It’s something that God has placed in your heart beat.

As a doctor or nurse, you have been given the skills and desire to heal. Do that and do it to the best of your ability knowing it’s your purpose, and you’ll see God work in amazing ways! Maybe your gift is financial and you’re just a wiz with business and investing. That is an amazing gift that not everyone has! Maybe your purpose is to do what you love while being able to fund the work of the Kingdom.

If your gift is hospitality, or teaching your kids at home, or making people laugh, or building things… think about what makes you happy. Think about the people you come in contact with and are in your sphere of influence. I challenge you to stop thinking someone else’s purpose is so huge so you must not have found yours yet.

Yes, we’ll all continue to grow, but know that right now you are gifted with a special something that only you have the reach for! Someone else’s gift might look awesome, but no one gift alone is complete! We’re a church BODY and it needs all of the parts operating together to see anything amazing happen.

What natural gifting and calling are you sitting on because it doesn’t feel ‘big enough’ to be your purpose? You’d be amazed how what you have can link arms with what the person beside you has to become quite a force.

“Having then gifts different according to the grace that is given to us, let us use them.” Romans 12:6 NKJV

Jen Matthews
Worship + Creative Pastor