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The “Sermon on the Mount” is Jesus’s most powerful and famous teaching of all. At the beginning of this message, Jesus says, “Blessed are they that do hunger and thirst for righteousness for they shall be filled (or satisfied)” (Matthew 5:6). Jesus very clearly wants you to be “filled” with all of the good things God has to offer (wisdom, peace, love, hope, supernatural strength, and the HOLY SPIRIT). But although we love God and try to live for Him, most of us do not feel “filled up” with God’s presence. Why? Because the culture we live in keeps us from receiving. It’s a Godless culture, and swimming in these waters every day has a residual effect on us even when we don’t know it. Work/school interactions, social media, Netflix, music, friendships…all affect us and our walk with God. It’s like God wants to pour something special out on each of us, and we are lifting up our “cup” to be filled, but we have a lid on the top of our cup, and it’s keeping us from being filled.

Prayer and Fasting takes the lid off, so God can pour out His Spirit on us. It says to our body and soul, “You will not dictate the direction of my life anymore. God will!” And when you set aside time to pray and you starve your flesh through fasting, God is able to pour out so many special things into your life that you’ve been longing for and praying for.

For this season of prayer and fasting, set your heart and mind above, and expect God to be able to pour out His blessing on you in amazing ways that you’ve never seen before. Purpose in your heart to move away from this world and toward the presence of God, and you’ll see the fulfillment of Jesus’s words in the Sermon on the Mount: you will be “satisfied”.

Jerry Lawson
Daystar Church, Lead Pastor
Cultivate Church, Overseer

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