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Flourishing in the Battle

By January 17, 2019Uncategorized

Did you know that Satan wages a war against your every single day? (Whew, intense!)

The Bible talks about spiritual battles and attacks from the devil. Jesus was tested by Satan, and you can read this in The New Testament. After being baptized Jesus fasted for 40 days and 40 nights in the wilderness. This is where the devil began to test the Son of God. (No pressure there, Satan…). After Jesus successfully fought the devil’s temptation, the angels tended to Jesus and he set out to begin his ministry. (Go team Jesus!)

So here you are in the middle of your 21 days. And you know what happens? Satan enters stage left like he’s the main character in your play. In your waiting or in the middle of your battle things like jealously or doubt creep into your mind. And you know who that is? That is Satan. It’s time to stand up and call him out by name! Make the enemy sorry that he ever messed with you and your family. Choose to flourish!!! Choose to fight! 

“What if we use this period of waiting to pray fervently for others, give generously of our time, and make the choice to flourish? Satan wants to steal your voice, silence your prayers, and make you look at God and question his goodness. Because prayer is our most powerful weapon in our battle, Satan wants to cause us to distrust that weapon; to distrust the power of God, and distrust his goodness.” by Amanda Hogue

Does this make you angry? Good. Me too! If this is a war you need to plan out your prayer strategy, yes write it out so you are ready for battle! And you know what happens after fighting off the enemy? I believe God sends his angels to tend to you just like he did with Jesus in the wilderness.

Laura Posten