Let’s face it, it’s hard to stay on track all the time everyday. You’re going to mess up and fall down, but don’t ever think that means you’re out of the race! You just have to get back up and keep running. Sometimes that is easier said than done though. Fear not! God has your back the whole time!

Whether you’re weary from running so long (Isaiah 40:28-31), you feel like you’re doing everything wrong (Romans 8:28), or you need a boost because you feel as if nothing is going your way (Romans 15:13); God is always right behind you giving you encouragement!

All you have to do is focus on His words instead of the people around you telling you that you’re running for no reason, because you know the prize for completing the race: an eternity with your loving Creator!

So whatever you’re going through, just know God is with you and rooting for you because He’s waiting for His masterpiece to finish the race so He can spend eternity with you.

Daniel Creekmore