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Such an important and necessary part of our Christian walk is remembering God’s miracles in our lives and meditating on His goodness. It’s in those moments of lingering that we are reminded that anything is possible when we are walking in line with God’s calling. In what ways has God moved in your life?

One instance that I meditate on is how God used a sinner like me to bring the gospel to another country. Unforgiveness for mistakes that I had made in my past, once, overwhelmed me and it caused me to doubt what God was calling me to. Slowly, He pulled me from the rubble of my brokenness and showed me how shifting the focus from my past and into His presence was instrumental in my stepping out of my brokenness and into my calling.

It is by focusing on these moments of God’s goodness and grace that we are reminded just how generous, loving and merciful our God is. It is in these moments that we realize when God is at the forefront of our minds, we firmly stand at peace with the circumstances surrounding us. This year, stop long enough to marinate in God’s goodness. Stop rushing to get to the “next thing”, and remember to appreciate the moment you are in and all of the magnificent things God has done for you and around you. Consider His work throughout your life, because that is what will carry you through the seasons of waiting, heartbreak, hurt, and devastation. Remembering all that God HAS done will remind you of everything that He CAN do.

“I remember the days of long ago; I meditate on all your works and consider what your hands have done.” Psalm 143:5

Lindsay Efferson
Missionary to Juarez

Worship Moment