What is Building a Bigger Table?

Making Room

Phase 1 - Alabaster Campus

Phase 1 completes the build out of the old Foodland building providing three times the space of our current facility. This will offer more room for kids, teenagers, and adults.

Phase 2 - Columbiana Campus

Our Columbiana Campus has experienced steady growth through life change. To facilitate this continued growth, we will prepare for a new facility and permanent home for our Columbiana campus.

Church Staffing

As Cultivate has continued to grow throughout the years our full-time staff has remained small. We want to provide a launching pad to bring on staff that can devote each day to the health of our teams.

Goal: $700,000

Over the next three years let's partner together and invest in eternity.
With as little as 200 families investing $100/month for 3 years we could easily reach our goal!

Decrease Spending

Consider a few less trips to Starbucks each week or maybe a few less dinners out. Eliminate some of our financial "waste" and invest in eternity.

Delay Plans

Are you making plans that involve a financial commitment? If so, prayerfully ask God about delaying those plans and using the extra income to contribute.

Do More

Consider creative ways to save. Shop for cheaper services like insurance or monthly utilities.


A great way to contribute is to give existing assets. Giving your assets to Cultivate Church and letting us sell them eliminates potential capital gains taxes and may increase after-tax proceeds. Please contact the church office for more guidance before committing an asset gift to determine its viability for liquidation.

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Watch the Series

Building a Bigger Table
Week 1 – Fill the Table
Week 2 – The Prodigals Table
Week 3 – Instruction for Construction
Week 4 – Table Materials

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