our story

Our Journey to Life on Purpose

Cultivate was born in the hearts of our pastors around the year 2007. While working on staff of a local church together they dreamed of what Cultivate is today. In 2010 they both began to feel the time was right to begin preparations, so the process began. The next two years would be filled with prayer, fund-raising, and development of systems, structure, and the foundation of Cultivate.

Then in July, 2011 both families moved to Shelby County Alabama to begin building a launch team. They held interest meetings in hotels and held Sunday night gatherings in their home. They also began working with the Association of Related Churches as a partnership for Cultivate.

On January 8 2012, Cultivate launched at Thompson High School as a portable church. For the next two years a team of people would spend their Saturday nights transforming a high school into a worship space, and Sunday’s serving others and loading everything back into trailers.

After two years as a portable church, Cultivate moved into a non portable facility in January 2014. In April of the same year we expanded to two worship experiences. Cultivate would then expand to three worship experiences in March 2016. In January 2018 Cultivate launched it’s second campus in Columbiana, AL, and opened the doors of the new Alabaster campus in September 2021.
Cultivate Church at Thompson HS 2013
Cultivate Church at Thompson HS, 2013

Our Pastors

Brandon Doss and Brandon Matthews became best friends in 2001 as high school students. Throughout their friendship they traveled in a band for eight years, worked together as children and youth pastors for six and a half years, along with many other areas of ministry along the way. More importantly, along with their families, they live life together in and outside of ministry.

Both of our pastors are unique in their gifts, strengths, and passions, but help compliment each other making their leadership more effective. They are both passionate about the local church and believe it is the hope of the world. They also share a passion for helping other pastors and churches be the best they can be and make themselves available to others in ministry.